Driver Assistance Sensors in modern vehicles give new possibilities for industrial applications an other markets.

  • Agriculture

    The usage of industrial radars is one of the keyfactors for a successfull future smart farming system.

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  • Naval & Marine
    Naval & Marine

    CES Industrial Radar Sensors reduce search and rescue times in man overboard scenarios.

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  • Industry & Mining
    Industry & Mining

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  • Railway

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  • Ground Security
    Ground Security

    Adapted from the automotive technology, Industrial Radar Sensors acts as perimeter surveillance radar and and offer an optimal improvement of the existing ground security infrastructure. Weather-independent and without the need for personal monitoring, these systems allow for reliable and cost-effective protection of critical locations.

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  • Aerospace

    Collisions at airports cost life, money and time. These collisions can be avoided with the Industrial Radar Sensors. Adapted from the automotive industry, they provide an very high quality and fail-safe standard and are optimized for the usage in the aerospace industry.

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  • Pedestrian Protection
    Pedestrian Protection

    Industrial Radar Sensors help to prevent accidents at pedestrian crossings and support us on our vision to zero accidents

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